Dog harnesses

Our luxury dog harnesses are a great alternative to a dog collar as they give a perfect fit and encourage pets to walk without pulling thus avoiding neck strain. We have a fantastic selection available to order in stunning colors and fabrics, with a choice second to none.

Premium dog harness

Our stunning premium harness comes in a beautiful selection of fabrics and colors designed with optimum comfort in mind for your pet, enabling you to adjust each side for a perfect fit. They are available in several styles including traditional tweed and herringbone patterns, each with our Hugo and Hudson London™ logo badge to help your pup stand out in a crowd.

The premium harness is finished with double-stitched seams and steel clasps, a quality looking product at first sight.

Product highlights

  • Beautiful colors from aqua and grey to complementary caramel
  • Assists with training to reduce pulling and neck pressure
  • A stainless steel buckle with an easy release clip
  • Machine washable on a cold setting
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • London designer (UK)
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Printed dog harness

These luxury harnesses come in a variety of trendy styles, the hardest part will be choosing which ones suit your fashion-conscious pooch. This design, as with all our harnesses, are fully adjustable for that perfect fit.

Product highlights

  • Easy release buckle stress tested to 147kg
  • Good variety of fabric and patterns, all on-trend
  • Machine washable on a cold setting
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • London designer (UK)
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Mesh dog harness

Our mesh dog harnesses come in an array of bright funky colours, are lightweight making them extremely comfortable, and in hot weather, they are breathable which will be an asset for a very active dog! If you enjoy nothing better than watching your pet enjoying the water, then this design is a must. They can be rinsed out easily and be ready to wear fairly quickly.

Product highlights

  • Cooling mesh material
  • Easy release bone-shaped buckle stress tested to 147kg
  • Easily hand rinsed
  • Comfortable and safe preventing your dog from pulling
  • Available to order in 4 sizes
  • London designer (UK)
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Easy dog harness

These easy dog harnesses come in several bright colours and are designed to help train your dog without putting pressure on the neck. They are designed to teach your dog to walk without pulling away and are a comfortable alternative to a stand-alone collar around the neck.

Product highlights

  • Easy fit with simple bone-shaped buckle, stress tested to 147kg
  • Choice of vibrant colours
  • Encourage your dog not to pull
  • Quick-drying mesh fabric
  • 9 different sizes creating a perfect fit
  • London designer (UK)
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All our dog harnesses should be adjusted prior to each walk to ensure you achieve the correct fit. If the harness is not properly fitted there is a possibility that your dog may give you the slip, which obviously you want to avoid at all costs. Always check our sizing before you buy to be sure you have selected the correct fit for your dog.