About Hugo and Hudson London™

Hugo & Hudson London™ provides luxury premium dog accessories to dog lovers across the globe. The London-based company was born from a passion to supply high-quality dog products in a variety of colors and designs using the latest fashion trends. At the time it was difficult to find certain products or colors on the market, and it was our mission to provide a one-stop shop to fulfil this need.

The name Hugo and Hudson London™ stems from the much-loved dogs of founding partners, Katie and Francesca. Hugo is a Labradoodle and Hudson is an Australian Labradoodle from America. And, of course London, fashion’s capital city, is where Hugo and Hudson are based.

Since 2016 our beautifully crafted dog collars, leashes, dog harnesses, dog jackets and jumpers have been proudly worn by dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Premium quality dog products

At the beginning of our journey, we sourced many factories and obtained hundreds of samples before deciding on one particular manufacturer for our products. It was very important for us to provide the best quality products with the safety and comfort of your dog at the forefront. With this in mind, our stitching for example, is not just cross-stitched; we have added an additional line of stitching for added strength. We use top of the range webbing and our mesh is 4 ply – unheard of in the pet industry – and is particularly soft for your dog.

Our custom-made D-ring carries our name, and our buckle is unique to us and stress-tested to 147 kilos. All of our fabrics are premium, and we have chosen premium tweed for our dog jackets, collars, harnesses and dog beds. You will find that our leashes have a custom-designed hook with a locking system and a handle that can be wrapped around a table leg as it has another buckle in order to do this. All the handles are soft and comfortable.

Unlike other jackets, our unique dog puffer jackets use better than human-grade fabric in many instances. They have been stitched through the sides to prevent movement of the down inside and the armholes are extra elasticated for stretch and comfort.